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Yes! You Can!  Let us Serve and Deserve!
Campaign Duration – April 3 to May 7, 2021 

Register as a Volunteer Now!

(Registration closes by March 25, 2021) 
Noble work needs noble minds, hearts and hands! YOU CAN be that chosen one!
Doesn’t matter which country or city you live in! Question is – Do you have a heart that beats for others? Yes?
Do you wish to be the cause for someone else’s happiness? Yes?
If Yes, here’s your chance to do something meaningful and become a flag-bearer in the march to remove hunger & poverty, spread value-based education, and serve the long term vision of spiritual development!


 “You Can” is a crowdfunding campaign by kind hearted devotees of Chinmaya Mission South Africa to support following initiatives:
  • FEEDING and Supporting countless underprivileged Families in South Africa
  • Providing Value-based EDUCATION to children, giving them right direction and purpose for their future Lives
  • Building a grand TEMPLE symbolizing devotion & gratitude towards Hanuman Ji : the God of Selfless Service
  • Nurturing future generations of South Africa by constructing a unique, one-of-its-kind SCHOOL for Children, infusing traditional Indian value-system and contemporary Western education
Volunteers enabling this campaign will find greater fulfilment and an opportunity to learn life-management techniques like how to be equanimous, how to prepare for unseen challenges, remove hesitation and discover their hidden infinite potential to achieve the unthinkable!  
Let us all come together. 
You can, I can, We All can!
Fill out this short form to #Register ONLINE in under 2 mins (Registration closes by March 25, 2021)
After registration, Check Your INBOX for our email on the Volunteer Training Program (Date/ time/ will be notified via email). The training session is a deep-dive into the science of crowd-funding and how to manage your campaigns.
The campaigns run for just 30 days and need 10-15 mins of your time everyday.