Navaratri Celebration – 2019

During Navaratri, grand celebrations were held with insightful talks and elaborate pujas at the Durban Ashram, Chinmaya Mission South Africa.

A group of accomplisheded Priests from India perform the special pujas. These auspicious 9 days included daily Shat Chandi homam in the morning and complete Durga Saptashati was chanted in the early evenings.

The highlight for the 9 days were the captivating talks on Devi Bhagawatam by Swami Abhedananda.

During these 9 evening sessions, Swamiji ensured to bring in the glory of the Divine Goddess in devotee’s hearts by describing the beauty, valour, love and compassion of the Divine Mother as elaborated in the divine text of Devi Bhagawatam. Around 250-300 devotees attended each day’s talk and the pujas and also part-took the Mahaprasadam that was offered each day. The discourses were broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube channels of Chinmaya Mission South Africa.

Kanya puja and Devi puja were also performed, followed by celebrations of the auspicious festival of Dusshera with mesmerizing renditions by local artists.

The beautiful sankalp behind this sacred Homam and Gyan Yagna was to invoke Lord’s benevolent grace for the growth and prosperity of all our Mission centers in South Africa and for the peace and welfare of the entire community and the country at large.

Please click here to see pictures from Navaratri Celebration.
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