Feeding Scheme

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“We  serve  the  Lord  through  the  service  of  the  people  around  us.  Every act is an act of worship of the ever­present Sadaashiva (the ever auspicious Lord) everywhere. To serve the mankind with all that we have with us, is the yoga of service. Thus, we shall march along, silently and heroically, doing our duties to all, demanding no rights, nor any reward. Such mighty hearted, self­sacrificing, faith­clad soldiers of the Lord, heroes of the Nation, are to be all Mission members.”

­- Swami Chinmayananda

Feeding SchemeUnder the inspiring guidance of Pujya Swami Abhedananda, Chinmaya Mission South Africa launched  the  Feeding  Scheme  program  on  8 exponentially  where  now  120  families  are  supported  on  a  monthly  basis.  The  poor  and needy families come to the Chinmaya Mission ashram on the fourth Saturday of each month to take benefit from this scheme.

At  the  ashram,  they  get  the  wonderful  opportunity  to  listen  to  a  discourse  by  Swami Abhedananda,  where Swamiji  gives  examples  and  anecdotes  to rejuvenate & revive  their souls.  The  satsang  is  specially  catered,  so  that  they  can  imbibe  simple  but  essential principles  of  happy  living,  like  love,  sacrifice,  honesty,  caring  for  others  and  serving everyone.

They  are  nurtured  in  a  loving  and  caring  atmosphere  where  they  can  experience  the presence & protection of Lord in some form.

Feeding Scheme 3 They are served a sumptuous breakfast and a wholesome lunch meal, which is cooked by the  ashram  devotees  and  lovingly  served  to  them.  They  are  also  provided  with  grocery hampers  containing  one  to  two  weeks  of  food  grains,  cooking  oil  and  other  essential  supplies.

The Mission also conducts a monthly Feeding Scheme for poor Schools, wherein one school is selected each month and around 400 to 500 children are fed.

To donate, contribute or participate in the feeding scheme programme, please contact our office @ 031 401 7915 or do it online.