Krishna Janmashtami (August 2021)

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Krishna Janmashtami 2021

30 August, 2021 - 10 Hour Online Event

🎊 A Krishna Janmashtami like never before… Filled with music, dance & Krishna Leela talks, all soaked in divine ecstasy!
Even though the celebrations were virtual, it felt like Swami Abhedanandaji took all the online viewers to Gokul and made each one witness the most enchanting Krishna Janma Utsav!
🌸 The event commenced with the blessings of Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji and Mukhya Swami Swaroopanandaji, followed by a heart-warming address by Swami Abhedanandaji, which took the listeners to unprecedented heights in craving for the Blue Boy of Vrindavan.
🎶 There were various eminent artists such as Sadhana Sargam and many more, whose renditions left the listeners spellbound as they sang beautiful devotional bhajans. Elegant Dance performances, expressing the mischievous leelas of the Lord invoked devotion in the hearts of all our online viewers! 💙As the evening progressed, the audience were taken deeper into the leelas of Bhagwan Krishna by Swami Abhedanandaji’s mesmerizing talks. Live QnA sessions with Swamiji brought further joy to the listeners as Swamiji sprinkled upon us the deep blue colour of our charming Krishna 💦
The event turned very inspiring when the short and engaging documentaries were shown in-between, about the five dynamic centres of CM South Africa! (CM Durban, CM Johannesburg, CM Reservoir Hills, CM Queensburgh, CM Cape Town). Viewer’s hearts were filled with the unstoppable glory of Pujya Gurudev that is spreading all over South Africa!
🌿 Throughout the 10 hours event, there was continuous Vishnu Sahasranaam Archana being performed by Swamiji and Brahmacharins which culminated right before the Krishna Janma, fulfilling the sankalp of 100 times Vishnu Sahasranaam Archana. A total of 100,000 names of Lord Vishnu were chanted for Cosmic Peace and Harmony 🌐🕊️
🥳 Then came the most-awaited moment of unveiling the cradle of Baby Krishna as Swamiji chanted Lord’s name with intense love and longing, and invited Him whole-heartedly in the bosom to each devotee. Swamiji was, as if, seeing the divine Krishna Janma Leela unfold in front of his eyes, and making all of us either a witness or an active participant in that Leela!
We are immensely grateful to Pujya Swamiji and to everyone who worked hard to make this celebration so splendid and unforgettable!
💙 Let us soak and drench in Lord Krishna’s Blueness forever… Nand-ghar anand bhayo, Jai Kanhaiyaa laal ki 💖
If you missed to watch this spectacular event, click below & enjoy:
Janmashtami Recording Link