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Chinmaya Yuva  Kendra (CHYK) is  a  global  youth  wing  of  Chinmaya  Mission.  It  aims  to  empower  youth  with  the  vision,  values  and  dynamism  for  success  in  all  fields.  CHYK conducts weekly classes where young people are made aware of their potential through the study  of  scriptures.  CHYK  also  organises  and  executes  cultural,  social  and  spiritual programmes.

Chyk Group PhotoIn keeping with its motto, the focus in CHYK is, to harness youth potential through dynamic spirituality. This happens through study, classes, activities and projects that inspire creative learning and inquiry – camps, discussion groups, treks, theatre, concerts, social service, and event management.  Eager  to  serve,  these  youth  are  the  backbone  of  the  Chinmaya Mission’s army of workers at all times.

Weekly CHYK Classes:

Chinmaya  Mission  Durban  has  been  organizing  weekly  CHYK  classes  by  Brni.  Shalini Chaitanya,  thus  giving  the  youth  in  Durban  a  platform  to  question,  debate  and  logically understand the implications in the ancient scriptural texts and get to know their relevance in the current era as well.

  • Senior CHYK Classes- 3:30 pm to 4 pm (Brni. Shalini Chaitanya)
  • Junior CHYK Classes- 4:30 pm to 5 pm (Kriti Lalla)

The main feature of these CHYK classes in the ashram have been:

  • Study of the texts by Pujya Gurudev, written especially for today’s dynamic youth.
  • Group Discussions to gain more clarity on important learnings.
  • Questions and Answers with Swami Abhedananda.
  • Opportunity to do seva in the ashram in  various ways,  thus promoting  the  spirit  of service and humility within youth

CHYK Camps:

chyk picChinmaya Mission of South Africa has been periodically organizing CHYK camps on thought provoking topics. The CHYK Camps in Durban ashram are meticulously planned with catchy themes, intriguing activities and unique creative events; all based on the knowledge in the ancient scriptures.

Some of the activities that constitute a CHYK camp are:­

  • A vibrant and inspiring talk on the topic by Pujya Swami Abhedananda
  • Yoga Session
  • Serving the meals to other campers in groups
  • Quiz on Hindu Scriptures
  • Group Discussions on Swamiji’s talks
  • Entertaining  and  humorous  skits  performed  by  the  campers,  portraying  the  lessons  learnt during the camp
  • Doubt clearing Question & Answer sessions with Pujya Swamiji

The topics of  some the CHYK  camps organized by Chinmaya Mission Durban in the past are, Fly High Dive Deep, Never Give UP, Love vs Attachment, Do or Die, Hat trick for Success, Get Up and Give Up, Play your best shot etc. With the underlying message of Self Knowledge,  these  vibrant  camps  have  successfully  blended  the  noble  philosophical concepts with practical activities, thus attracting numerous youngsters to these camps.

To become a part of the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK), please contact our office @ 031 401 7915 or Kriti Lalla @ 083 704 0308.

Glimpses from CHYK Activities