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How can I contribute to Chinmaya Mission of South Africa?

Chinmaya Mission of South Africa is a spiritual organization committed to introducing the ageless wisdom of Advaita Vedanta in every individual’s life, giving practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, thus enabling them to become positive contributors of the society.

Our Mission aims at serving the society at large with the strong base of Vedantic values. This is achieved through various activities such as:

Daily classes and regular Gyan Yagnas (series of talks) on Scriptural texts, propagating the knowledge of Vedanta and Yoga of devotion and action.

Chinmaya Feeding Scheme, in which the underprivileged families are adopted and provided with meals, inspired through motivational talks, given personal attention and distributed free grocery hampers on a monthly basis.

Motivational classes for youth and children on developing the values as expounded in the scriptures.

Conducting Mega events such as Maha Mega Shivaratri & 108 Cosmic Hanuman Chalisa Havan which have been attracting more than 3000 devotees to partake in worshipping the Lord.


Our activities are aimed at bringing people of all classes and ages together, and share with them the most valuable and ancient wisdom of Hinduism. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda always said that with the backing of Vedanta, a Hindu becomes a better Hindu, a Christian becomes a better Christian and a Muslim becomes a better Muslim.

Vedanta is the knowledge of the Self, and it makes one realize His true identity and tap His fullest potential.

All the activities of the Mission are free of cost to participate in, and they are made possible by the continuous support of our members and well-wishers. If you are inspired by the work we do, please contribute generously and become a part of our vision to accomplish the following goals, among many others:

    • Propagate Vedanta
    • Serve the underprivileged and through them the Lord.
    • Impart value-based spiritual education to children and youth.
    • Organize yagnas, camps and mega events for the people at large
    • Assert Faith & Devotion in the Lord, through regular prayers at Chinmaya Shivam Temple

There are a variety of ways in which you, your family and friends can contribute to the Mission:

1. Donations for Chinmaya Shivam Building Project:

We welcome your contributions, through donations in cash or kind for the Expansion project.

2. Volunteers:

Dedicate your time for upliftment of humanity. Serve & deserve!

Chinmaya Mission South Africa ashram functions with the help of volunteers / sewaks. You could be a volunteer at the library cum book shop or in the upkeep of the Ashram or in organising periodic events, or in any other way, you can thus offer your services. We are constantly looking for volunteers who are willing to take up the role of a Balvihar Teacher. Please contact Chinmaya Mission at 031 401 7915 if you wish to be a volunteer.

3. Feeding Scheme:

The Chinmaya Mission Ashram provides free meals and food hampers once a month to over 200 poor families in and around Chatsworth. You can sponsor this event fully or partially or volunteer your services in organising this event.

4. ‘Live to Give’ Campaign:

You can donate for the regular functioning of the Ashram and support the noble activities which are performed free of cost to all.

5. Offer Bhiksha (meals) :

You can sponsor Bhiksha for the Vedanta Course Students and Acharya or sponsor a Samashti Bhiksha during the Monthly Yagnas

6. Sponsor the Public Yagna Talks:

Multiple sponsorships can be made during Chinmaya Mission South Africa’s Public Yagna talks.

7. Support the Mega Events:

You can support our Mega events like Hanuman Havan & Maha Shivaratri which are organised at a very large scale for the benefit of the whole community.

8. Be a Yajaman:

You can volunteer to be a Yajman for the regular Pujas at the Ashram and receive Lord Shiva’s blessings for your family and yourself.

We generously appeal to every reader of this magazine, to step forwards and contribute graciously in order to support the ashram, so that your family, your children, and your future generations be blessed with unending grace of Lord Shiva!

For Wire Transfer directly to Chinmaya Mission of South Africa’s bank account, please use the details in this document and email us with your transfer details with confirmation, so we can acknowledge and provide receipt for your contribution.

For more details, please contact us –

Chinmaya Mission of South Africa,
159, Road 703, Montford
Chatsworth 4092, Kwa Zulu Natal
Durban, South Africa

Office Phone: (+27) 31 4017915