Chinmaya Mission South Africa has been a pioneer in providing all-round nourishment Physical, Emotional, Intellectual or Spiritual, to the people of South Africa. This beautiful Sankalp of nurturing the community was conceptualized by Pujya Swami Abhedananda more than a decade ago.

Monthly Feeding Scheme

Once a month numerous underprivileged people from across the city were invited to the ashram, where they were fed breakfast and lunch in an environment of love and respect.

Distribution of hampers to these people to cater to their Monthly basic ration needs.

As of 2019,150 families are benefited from this scheme

School Feeding Scheme

In this program, a group of volunteers visit one school every month distributing hampers to the underprivileged children.

The effort included preparing snack and lunch boxes for the children in the ashram by various volunteers and distributing them amongst the excited children in various schools.


There is no limit to the amount of Service one can do unto others.

~ Swami Abhedananda

Divine Seva to feed the underpriviledged every single day

The project was announced during Ram Navami Festival in 2019.

“Nourish to Flourish” is a a clarion call to generously nourish others as much as we possibly can; and in turn witness how their good wishes and blessings make us flourish in our lives.

This glorious project aims at feeding a whopping 500 to 1000 poor and underprivileged people of Africa for free, every single day!

When intentions are so noble and pure, the entire cosmos works together to fructify it

Within months of  announcement, members of the Rajput Hall, lovingly offered their existing premises to execute this divine project.

On 6th February the grand puja was performed in the premises of this new center and numerous devotees attend this special function!

Renovations planned at Chinmaya Annapoorna

A beautiful temple dedicated to Ma Annapoorna Devi will soon become the centre-stage of this ashram.

Massive dining facility and a Fully functional industrial kitchen with Custom built equipment for large scale cooking.

There are countless ways to serve a noble cause!

All it takes is a heart that beats for others

Celebrate important moments like birthdays !
Sponsor groceries for the Anna Dan

Sponsor chanting of Hanuman Chalisa

Sponsor Kitchen equipment for the Mega industrial Kitchen

Come and support whole heartedly in this endeavor!

It’s yours to Nourish and it’s yours to Flourish!