Brahmacharya Deeksha Ceremony

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Brahmacharya Deeksha Ceremony
(on Mahashivaratri day : 24 February 2017)

Upon completion of

2 Year Residential Vedanta Course 2015-2017
Chinmaya Mission of South Africa

This year’s Mahashivaratri celebration at Durban was uniquely unprecedented and extra special for devotees of Chinmaya Mission South Africa. The occasion marked the Deeksha Ceremony for the students of the first Vedanta Course conducted in Africa.

By the grace of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda and blessings of Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda, the two-year residential Vedanta course commenced in Chinmaya Shivam Ashram on 14th March 2015 with Swami Abhedananda as the Course-Acharya.

Brahmacharya Deeksha at Durban 2The initiative was extraordinary, as Vedanta courses are conducted usually in Sandeepany Sadhanalayas in India. South Africa is one among the very few overseas Chinmaya Mission Centres which was blessed with this mammoth task of training the future torchbearers. This Vedanta course at Chinmaya Mission of South Africa has been the ultimate offering at Pujya Gurudev’s feet during his birth centenary year. A total of 16 students joined the full-time Vedanta course, and they were provided excellent residential accommodation, food, clothing, and all study material by the ashram for the period of two years. The ashram has since then become one of the best examples of a modern Gurukul.

There were 12 regular students and 4 guest students (total 16) who enrolled, and have completed the course. With divine inspiration, 8 out of the regular students adorned the yellow robes as part of their Deeksha ceremony on the most auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri on 24th Feb 2017. The arduous efforts of Pujya Swami Abhedananda, the Course Acharya and In-charge of Chinmaya Mission South Africa blossomed in the form of these new sparks of the divine Chinmaya flame. Going forward, these newly initiated Brahmacharins will serve our Chinmaya Mission centres in Africa and India.

Pujya Swami Swaroopanandaji, the Global Head of Chinmaya Mission, also sent his blessings and good wishes for the students on this special occasion.

Deeksha Ceremony AudienceThe Deeksha ceremony was witnessed by over 200 devotees in the new satsang auditorium “Brahmaloka” where all students welcomed their Acharya Swami Abhedananda with Purna Kumbha and lamps. Bramhachari Abhijit Chaitanya thereafter gave a brief introduction about the course and the Deeksha ceremony. Mr. Pavan Maharaj, trustee of Chinmaya Mission South Africa enlightened everyone about the course highlights and the tremendous efforts that went into this first Vedanta Course in Africa. Invocation unto Lord Ganesha and Pujya Gurudev were rendered through soul-stirring bhajans by Mr. Umesh Giri and Ms. Anuja Sahai – acclaimed singers from India.

Thereafter in the divinised and spiritually charged atmosphere of “Brahmaloka” the Deeksha ceremony commenced as Swami Abhedananda handed over yellow robes to the initiated students, and announced their new names as given below.


New Name Old Name
Bramhachari Vandan Chaitanya Sayesh Govender
Bramhacharini Ananya Chaitanya Meenakshi Watwe
Bramhacharini Vrinda Chaitanya Chandrakanta Tourani
Bramhacharini Kaushiki Chaitanya Desiree Marimuthoo
Bramhacharini Gauri Chaitanya Nerupa Sukoo
Bramhacharini Keertida Chaitanya Yashoda Yash
Bramhacharini Madhavi Chaitanya Sushma Maharaj
Bramhacharini Shalini Chaitanya Nilisha Haripersad

Swamiji also blessed the other full-time and guest students by presenting them with the Holy Gita book by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.

Brahmacharya Deeksha at Durban 1In his message after the Deeksha ceremony, Swamiji upholded the students for their unflinching commitment to the study of Vedanta and dedicating their lives to a higher purpose. Congratulating them for their sincere efforts Swamiji said that it is indeed a very rare possibility that such a noble path would inspire youth of today’s modern age who find the ephemeral worldly joys so captivating. By choosing the path of Brahmacharya these students have wisely chosen a direction that promises the highest and permanent happiness, dedicated to the service of society and seva unto Pujya Gurudev’s grand vision. Swamiji said that each of these newly initiated students will go out in the society becoming a “Young Chinmaya”, ready to love and serve all.

Swamiji reminded the students of the immense love and blessings that they all received from Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji, during his last visit to South Africa in September 2017. He also thanked all the parents who have set a great example for others, by graciously offering their young children to take Deeksha and serve humanity.

The program concluded with Shri Pravin Haripersad, Trustee of CM South Africa offering the formal vote of thanks. All devotees were offered Samashti Bhiksha and Prasad.

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