Gayatri Havan

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GayatriIn the words of Swami Abhedananda, “Prayer is the most powerful action which the devotees and seekers have ever discovered! The effectiveness of the prayer consists in its boundless faith, single ­pointed dependence, and sustenance of one thought of praying. Those who pray and glorify the Lord’s name, definitely feel the soothing grace of the Lord and vividly experience the purity, integrity and sensitivity of mind.”

Every month community Havans are also performed in the Ashram. On every third Sunday of the month, several devotees participate in the Gayatri Havan along with their family. The Havan is led by Br Abhijit Chaitanya and graced by Swami Abhedananda ji’s divine presence.

To participate in the community havans, please contact our office @ 031 401 7915 or Suraj Jaggeth @ 081 485 9406