Yagna on Shri Hanuman Chalisa by Pujya Swami Abhedananda (25-29 June 2012)

The Durban Community was treated to spiritual bliss when the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa hosted a 5 day discourse from the 25th to 29th June 2012 on the Shree Hanuman Chalisa at the Kendra Hall, followed by its inaugural Cosmic 108 Hanuman Chalisa Havan (See Special Events for report).

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji, who is deeply established in the knowledge of scripture,s was able to bring out the message of the Shri Hanuman Chalisa in a comprehensible and easy-to-understand manner without compromising the depth of it’s rich content. The concept and ideas were clearly explained to the devotees that came from all over Durban and surrounding areas.

Swamiji discussed how the biggest requirement of anybody’s life is God. Every person requires support. When we pray, we invoke the blessings of the Lord and our power unites with His power, therefore we derive strength to face the onslaughts of daily challenges. The individual soul (Jeeva) needs the Cosmic soul (Ishwara) otherwise he feels defeated by worldly challenges. The 3 aspects of God namely the essence(swaroop), power or influence(Prabhav) and nature of God(swabhav) were beautifully explained. Swamiji also stressed that when there is a confluence of speech, emotion and conviction, then there is joy in chanting the Chalisa. By brining Him into our lives, Shri Hanumanji takes away the wrong notion that the world alone has joy (Kumati),  and brings devotion to the Lord (Sumati). Therefore devotees gain faith, strength and absorbing capacity by understanding and chanting the Chalisa

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