The Power of Mantra Chanting(19-21 March 2014)

The Chinmaya Mission of South Africa and Surat Hindu Association organized a 3 – day talk at the Kendra Hall from the 19th to 21st March 2014. The talks took place from 6:30 pm to 8:00pm daily and was conducted by the current spiritual head Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji. The talks were well attended and drew a crowd of more than 200 people from Durban and surrounding areas. The topic was “ The Power of Mantra Chanting”

Swamiji highlighted how the common person is running after the various powers, eg money power, intellectual power etc. yet he still remains unhappy and unfulfilled. It was mentioned that the most important aspects of life are easily available eg the air. Chanting the name of the Lord or His mantra is very easily available but because of our vasanas and impurities, our attention doesn’t even go there. The power of mantra chanting is that it brings spirituality in our lives, it is connector to the God with form(Sagun nirakar) and the God without form(Nirgun Nirakar). Chanting the Lord’s name for a long time reduces the pain of many diseases ,it gives a lot of joy, quietness, coolness and solutions of our lives.

It was explained by Swamiji, in his inimitable style, that the power of mantra connects us with the power of the Almighty God. Swamiji described how every activity is preceded by a thought. The whole world was initially in a thought form and whenever any object is created, there is a displacement in the air which creates a sound. That sound when chanted and maintained converts into an object. Every object of form has a nature given name which is one with the object. Therefore, if we chant the nature given name (mantra) of that particular object, then that very object can appear before us. Everything comes from its name only. All forms have come from one – we can call that Om , Lord Krishna, Lord Ram or Lord Shiva.

Swamiji emphasized that a mantra is not just a mere word. It’s power is hidden by two things. They are 1) by not believing and 2)by not doing austerity to make its power manifest. The tremendous potential of mantra chanting was illustrated by Swamiji with four examples .They are 1) Lord Ganesha circled ‘Ram” written on a piece of paper and is therefore worshipped first before any auspicious work 2) The notorious dacoit, Ratnakar was transformed into Valmiki, 3)Mother Parvati chanted the Lord’s name once which bestowed the fruit of chanting 1000 names of Lord Vishnu and 4) Lord Shiva was able to consume the poison because the Lord’s name was constantly chanted by Him. Similarly we can face any poison of life when we have Lord in the heart and Lord’s name is on the tongue. Devotion(bhakthi) is to constantly experience the company of Lord. This company comes by taking Lord’s name. Swamiji re-iterated that we all can invoke the Lord in us, the choice is ours. Life is not meant for us to be angry or depressed but it is meant to be a celebration by chanting Lord’s name and His mantras.

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