The Glories of Lord Shiva (1-6 March 2013)

gloriesoflordshiva2013_86904579a3775caf54248251f6826af0Devotees were extremely delighted to attend the 6-day Gyan Yagya based on the Ramcharitmanas at the picturesque Chinmaya Mission Durban Ashram. The theme of the talks was “The Glories of Lord Shiva” from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, 1st to 6th March 2013 held at 159 Road 703 in Montford, Chatsworth.

Pujya Swami Abhedananda, the acharya-in-charge of the Mission conducted the talks.Swamiji emphasized how the ordinary man on the street thinks that his good fortune is to have a good situation around him but the real fortunate ones are those who get the rare opportunity to listen and bask in the glories of the Lord. Swamiji elaborated on the meaning of Lord Shiva which is auspiciousness. True knowledge of the Self, absolute faith in the Lord and dharm is auspiciousness. Without these three things, a person does not have a happy and contented life. One who practises a dharmic life and has the right knowledge of the world is non-vulnerable. The portions discussed by Swamiji were the events and reasons preceding Satiji giving up her body and the birth of Parvatiji. Swamiji explained how Satiji represented the doubt in ourselves which is inauspiciousness. She had a separate identity and didn’t believe in Lord Shiva’s words. This led to pain and sorrow. Similarly if we don’t listen to our learned Gurus and our Hindu scriptures, we will land ourselves in deep trouble. Only when we surrender and merge our own individuality with the Infinite, can we become fulfilled.

The principles, purpose and correct concepts of marriage was explained in great detail. The first purpose of marriage was to serve and give back to the society children of great character who can be an asset to the community. Marriage also provided an opportunity for householders to exhaust their vasanas and get rid of their debts to their ancestors. It was re-iterated that we should look at our lives the way the Lord would want us to see it and not from our own wrong notions. Communion with the Lord through our sadhana, prayer and jaap helps us to give a proper response to all challenges in our daily lives. Prayer gains depth when it is said with intensity and faith from a pure heart. We can please the Lord and earn His grace when we love God alone, work for Him; go through some pains and by having a good character. Swamiji described how God gives us our fruit of action and how He alone can change our fate when He is happy with us. Our emotions, attitudes and all our actions eg. talking, sleeping, eating should be offering to please the Lord as He takes impressions of us.

The 6-day talks concluded with Swamiji discussing how the Ramcharitmanas provides us with the ways on how to reach the Lord, to recognize which stage we are, and also if we have committed any mistakes, how to repent and get back on the righteous path. There would be a continuation of this topic in the forthcoming yagya in the new month ( 1st to the 6th April 2013) Devotees partook of the delicious meals provided during samasthi bhiksha and are eagerly awaiting the next gyan yagya.

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