Talks on “BhajaGovindam” by Pujya Swami Abhedananada (June 2015)

Key Points from the Discourses

Day 1

Profound introduction of Shri AdiShankaracharya

A tree grows and flourishes as long as its roots are intact, even if its branches are cut off. Have we ever wondered where do our roots belong?

Our roots belong to that divine country where innumerable saints have done austerities & they have nurtured these roots by laying the foundation of commitment and devotion towards the Higher…

One such saint was Shri AdiShankaracharya, the very form of Lord Shiva Himself! He wrote splendid commentaries about 1300 years ago which are still illuminating the spiritual path of seekers!

Day 2

Couple of snippets from the talk… simple yet deep…

Source of all our sorrows is that we treat the essential in life as nonessential, and the nonessential as essential. Bhaja Govindam boldly shakes up our convictions and priorities in life, showing the triviality of material world.

Lord has given sufficient causes in our life to be happy. Its up to us whether we are able to see those or not!

Day 3

Swamiji’s insightful discourses continue to captivate the listeners. Here are some words of wisdom from the third day of yagna…

Result of having wrong priorities in life is that we create unnecessary bondage. Bhaja Govindam says that our first priority should be the Lord, He alone is the one who can sever all our bondage!

Dispassion cannot fructify unless you have boundless passion for the Lord.

Day 4

“Relationships” – often the most misunderstood aspect of our lives. Here are some words from Swamiji’s talk on day four…

Life becomes beautiful or ugly based on how much importance our mind gives to which aspect of life.

Even your most loved ones will shun you as soon as you stop contributing towards them. Hence, always aspire to love and serve the Lord alone who resides in all hearts and would NEVER shun you!

Do not have an independent relationship with anybody in your life…see the Lord in every other person and through them, serve Him alone!

Day 5

One more wonderful evening of satsang with Swamiji on the fifth day of yagna…here are few points from the talk that are worth contemplating upon…


Is one jeeva related to the other jeeva? This false sense of relation is as long as the body is there, it ceases to exist as soon as the body dies…

In reality, we don’t love this jeeva, nor body, nor atma; whom do we really love?

We are afraid to face the Truth because in the face of Truth everything vanishes. We tend to hold on to the false notions, false relations and false people.

If we cling & take support from this world – it would be as fruitless an effort as someone trying to climb the sky by holding on to the smoke…

Depend on the Lord alone…Invite Him & let Him adorn the throne of your heart. Tell Him again and again that you belong to Him!

But how to call the Lord and get his attention? This rare technique is learnt in satsangs by the grace of a compassionate Guru…

Day 6

On the last day of yagna, the audience went back with a new found spark of dispassion in their hearts and an awakened intellect. Here are a few master strokes by Pujya Swamiji from the talk…

What you are obsessed with today and unable to get, will become the cause of your rebirth.

Anywhere we go, we get attached but there is a window to get out….that window is ‘Satsang’.

One who is hungry for his own name, how would he be hungry for Lord’s name?

One needs to discolor his ego in order to see the ‘blue’ color of Lord Krishna!