Surrender of Sri Lakshmana (1-4 August 2014)

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji expounded on the beautiful character of Shri Lakshman in his discourses that was held from the 1st to 4th August at the ashram in Montford Chatsworth. Swamiji highlighted that a person’s biggest mistake is that he doesn’t remember the Lord. In our lives, there should be one that takes us to Lord. Shri Lakshman is the one who fulfils the role of breaking our my-ness and I-ness (ahamta & mamta) and constantly takes us closer to Lord Ram.

Pic 1 – Photo: Pujya Swami Abhedananda talks about Sri Lakshmana.

Swamiji described how Shri Lakshman and Lord Ram always complimented each other. Shri Lakshman was compared to the staff while Shri Ram is like the flag that is attached to it. Swamiji discussed the incident at the bow-breaking ceremony and how Shri Lakshman responded to Lord Parashuram in such a way that highlighted the beautiful cool and composed character of Shri Ram.

It was emphasized by Swamiji that Shri Lakshman represents time(kaal) which is the awakener that shows how the world gives shocks while also expressing the glory of Lord. Swamiji explained how Lakshman depended only on Ramji’s love and grace and was completely surrendered. An ordinary persons joy and sorrow depends on the fulfilment of his ambitions but Lakshman had no ambition of power, fame, family, etc His only thought was how only to serve his brother day and night. It was mentioned that Lakshmanji , with his surrendered raja-gun, had the capacity to perform any seva that was required & was able to express the Lord’s wish vividly because he was empty of his own desires and wishes. Lakshman is the example how to serve when close while Shri Bharat is the example of how to serve when Lord is far. They were the greatest acharyas of love and seva.

Pic 2 – Photo: Pujya Swami Abhedananda before entering the Yagnashala.

Swamiji also mentioned how 3 emotions trouble most people. They are 1) anger about something past, 2)desire for something in the present and 3)greed for something in the future. These three can be transformed and be made a point of growing by bringing in devotion of the Lord. One should be restless about something higher and be greedy to get the love of Lord. The biggest earning of Lakshmanji was that he had the love of Ramji which is the biggest fruit and goal in life. Swamiji also elaborated on Shri Lakshman’s valour, single-pointedness, 100 % attention and undivided love. Swamiji re-iterated that when one loves Lord, he never feels tired and that day is wasted where one hasn’t given joy to the Lord. Shri Lakshman is the representation of dispassion( vairagya) and by remembering his spirit of sacrifice , may some of our selflessness also be ignited.

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