Surrender of Mother Sita (1-6 November 2014)

Ages have passed away and yet the chaste life of Mother Sita continues to exercise a wholesome influence on the lives and character of Indian ladies throughout the world. Her ideal life of purity continues to produce interest, admiration and reverence in our minds and the readers of the Ramayan. The character of Mother Sita not only epitomises the acme of love and devotion for Lord Ram but she is the perfect wife and ideal woman.

Pic 1 – Photo: Swamiji talking on the power of Mother Sita

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji of the Chinmaya Mission in Chatsworth conducted a series of spiritual discourses on the “Surrender of Mother Sita” The talks took place from 6:30 pm to 8:00pm followed by dinner prasad daily.

Pujya Swamiji beautifully illustrated the various incidents that highlighted the divinity and immaculate character of Mother Sita. Swamiji described the true love that is possible only with Ishwar. Mother Sita possessed this love because she saw nothing other than Lord Ram. Swamiji also mentioned the criteria of love. Love is more when

  1. there are lesser causes
  2. it is the only priority
  3. lesser mediums
  4. there is sacrifice and renunciation.

Swamiji emphasized that by immersing our mind in the contemplation of Mother Sita’s total surrender and beautiful character, our love gets purified and our minds become quieter and peaceful.

Pic 2 – Photo: The audience listens as Swamiji explains the different aspects of Mother Sita

It was re-iterated by Swamiji that by attending satsang, puja and jaap, one begins to experience the real love and joy within and many misconceptions are cleared. The beauty of Mother Sita’s character was that she showed to the world that in total surrender to Lord, one has no separate existence or identity in the same way a shadow is dependent on its object. Swamiji also described how Mother Sita’s life was full of adversities and severe tests yet she never felt that any injustice was done to her even when she was banished to the forest when she was pregnant. It was elaborated by Swamiji that on every issue, thought, action, there is a Cosmic desire and when one is tuned and follows this, Lord is extremely pleased and gives His blessings. The love that Mother Sita had for Lord Ram represents that true love and total surrender where the bodies are two but the heart,mind and soul is only One!

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