Shri Bharat-His Saintliness In Our Life (18-20 July 2014)

Residents of Clare Estate, Reservoir Hills and surrounding areas were extremely privileged to have Swami Abhedanandaji for 3-day discourse on the topic “Shri Bharat – His Saintliness in our Lives” The talks took place on the 18th, 19th and 20th July from 6:30 to 8:00pm at the Saligram Hall.

Swami Abhedanandaji commenced the discourses by emphasizing that everyone has limited time and scriptures say that the final achievement is that one should be full of joy with the realization that he doesn’t need anyone or anything to be happy. The question posed to the audience was “ Do we know where we are today and where should we be? Swamiji also explained that duty and devotion are not two different things but a life of duty is meant to soften our mind and cleanse our heart. It was highlighted that through our duty, one should know more about and come closer to Lord.

Pic 1 – Photo: Pujya Swami Abhedananda ji before giving dicourses.

Swamiji has been elaborating on the beautiful character of Shri Bharat who was soaked and drenched with devotion for Ramji. It was described by Swamiji that Shri Bharatji’s heart is like the ocean which has many hidden gems in it. One of beautiful qualities was his overpowering and extreme love for Lord Ram. At every moment, his only action was how he could please the Lord and he worked only as His representive, he had no desire of his own or any intoxication of power.

It was re-iterated by Swamiji that Shri Bharat’s humility and tremendous dispassion prompted him to go to Chitrakoot with the intention of giving him back the kingdom. Dispassion from the world can only come when one is passionate about something higher. Shri Bharat is the shining example of this quality which is most required in a seekers life. Swamiji also compared a fruit with an action. Every action has dharm aspect which are the words and injunctions of the scriptures(outer peel) The seed is the pal shruthi (eg, the benefit) but the pulp is the main thing where the juice is. This symbolizes devotion which is the main factor in any action.

Pic 2 – Photo: Swamiji talks on the dispassion of Shri Bharat.

Swamiji mentioned that every action we do can make Lord happy and unhappy and we are meant to dedicate ourselves to the higher ideal otherwise our actions are like corpses. We should make our day fulfilled by fulfilling every moment of our existence by dedicating all actions to Lord Ram. Swamiji also mentioned that where the binding factor is not Lord, it will definitely end in sorrow.

It was also described that Shri Bharat is like the pure gold and our minds is like mercury which is extremely fickle and unstable. When the gold and mercury meet, it becomes stable. In the same way, our minds will become stable and full of love for Lord, when Shri Bharat enters it.

Pic 3 – Photo: Yagna Audience.

Swamiji concluded the 3-day discourse with beautifully illustrating the meeting of Lord Ram and Shri Bharat in Chitrakoot, the greatest embrace of all brothers that caused even the stones to melt. A special vote of thanks was given to Mr Saligram for use of his hall and a scrumptious dinner prasad was enjoyed by all devotees.

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