Sampoorna Ramcharitmanas Yagna (28 June-6 July 2007)

Traditionally acclaimed as “Navan Ramayana”, the 9-day series of talks on Goswami Tulsidasji’s Ramcharitmanas were conducted by Pujya Swamiji from 28th June to 6th July 2007 at the sprawling premises of the Chinmaya Mission ashram. The Gyan Yagna was inaugurated by the traditional lamp lighting ceremony by trustees – Mr. Ishwar Beesunlal, Mr. Mannabhai Mistry and Pujya Swamiji.

Swamiji’s unparalleled rendition of Ramayana was filled with melodious recitation of the Chupayis and Dohas coupled with soul stirring explanation of Lord Ram’s divine leelas. Communicating the import of the Katha from Vedanta as well as Bhakti points of view, Swamiji elaborated the import of Ramayana and did full justice with the glorious characters of Mother Sita, Lakshmanji, Shri Bharatji, Hanumanji, Shabri, Kevat, Vibheeshan and also Mother Parvati, who did penace as Sati to attain Lord Shiva. Citing the examples of these divine characters, Swamiji emphasized the importance of a strong spiritual life and the ability to renounce everything for the sake of achieving one’s spiritual goal. Without exception, everyone was drenched in tears when Swamiji described the episode of Shri Bharatji’s meeting with Lord Rama in Chitrakoot. On the day of culmination when the Katha was on the verge of closure, people were left yearning for more and more, and nobody wanted to leave the satsang.

The most memorable events were the celebration of Shri Ram Janmotsav and Shri Ram-Sita vivaha when everyone celebrated together in hearts filled with joy. A lot of devotees came from Johannesburg and stayed in Durban throughout the 9-day program. The Sampoorna Ramayana Yagna proved to be a grand success as a result of the joint efforts of all the members of Chinmaya Mission South Africa.

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