Adult Study Group

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Chinmaya Study Groups are for those members of society who long to benefit from the perennial wisdom of India’s rishis through the scriptural study of Advaita Vedanta. Because most individuals often find it difficult to maintain daily discipline and motivation in spiritual pursuits and studies, and since healthy reflection and contemplation processes should follow reading or hearing scriptural teachings, Study Groups were formed.

Chinmaya Study Groups allow like-minded seekers to come together every week to read, and discuss spiritual texts and topics-based on the set curriculum-thereby providing each other with in-depth study, clear and logical thinking, and inspiration for personal practice.
In South Africa, Mr. Vimal Singh has been serving as a Study Group Sewak (Co-ordinator) and has been conducting group discussions among senior members of the Mission. One such Study Group is conducted on every Sunday morning at the Ashram. So far, two texts – namely, Tatwa Bodh and Upadesh Saar have been completed for the study group.

On Sunday mornings, Mr. Vimal Singh also conducts a class on the beautiful text Narada Bhakti Sutra. He has completed the text Atma Bodh earlier.