Shri Ram Laksharchana Offering

(Gotra shows your family lineage)
(Laksharchana Offering is 100 times Sahasranama Archana of Lord Ram)

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Laksharachana Offering flyer

This Ram-Navami will be like NEVER Before 🚩

And our theme for this divine celebration is Keep Calm, Invoke Ram: aimed towards Universal Well-being, Health and Happiness! 🌿🧘🏻‍♂️

Join us in chanting 1008 powerful names of Shri Ram (Ram-Sahasranama Archana) for 24 hours and over 100 times! That is a whopping 100,000 names of Shri Ram called as Laksharchana Pooja to spread the message of Sarve Santu Niramayaaha

Chinmaya Mission of South Africa invites all the devotees for the unique opportunity to take the meritorious sankalpa for the Shri Ram Laksharchana in your name. The Priest in Chinmaya Shivam Temple will perform the archana on your behalf.

Please fill out details to book your offering in the form.

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