Power of Devotion-Part 6 (1-6 June 2014)

The Power of Devotion was the theme of a series of talks held at the Chinmaya Mission ashram from the 1st to 6th June 2014. The talks took place from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm followed by dinner prasad daily. The discourses were conducted by the acharya-in-charge, Swami Abhedanandaji.

Pic 1 – Photo: Yagna Audience

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji described how the Lord resides in those hearts who look upon another’s wife as their mother, look upon another’s wealth as poison, are happy to see other’s prosperity, are sad with other’s distress and to whom Lord is dearer than their own life. Swamiji explained how the relation of a child with the mother is that of seva and surrender. It was emphasized that this world is not meant for enjoyment, but meant to serve, surrender and purify ourselves. Swamiji mentioned that anything that is enjoyed gets destroyed eg, to eat a nice red juicy apple, one has to destroy it. In the same way, when one enjoys too much, he gets destroyed. Enjoyment within the boundaries of dharm(righteousness) is to eventually take us out of that enjoyment and vasana. When a person is too indulgent then his intellect is destroyed, vows break and he can’t concentrate on higher things for a long time.

It was highlighted that the more we contemplate on what Lord gave, the more we will start loving him. The human mind is designed for loving one. That one is Lord. Remembrance automatically comes in love which melts the heart. It was re-iterated by Swamiji that the requirement of mind is more than requirement of body eg ,more than physical hunger is the hunger of love. Swamiji also mentioned that the mind wants to be related. The Lord resides in those hearts to whom He is related as a master(Guru), mother, father and friend . Swamiji described how as a father, Lord gives us security, as a mother, He nourishes us, as a friend, He helps us and as a Guru, He gives knowledge to take out sorrow and transmigration.


Pic 2 – Photo: Pujya Swami Abhedananda During Discourse

Swamiji elaborated on the characters of Hanumanji and Bharatji whose every action was only to please the Lord. Their ideal was so big that their capacity of giving and serving was tremendous. They experienced the joy of being loved by the Lord which is a very rich experience. Likewise, when we do actions to make Lord happy, the joy accumulates and that happiness can never be stolen away.

It was also explained that the Lord stays in those hearts that takes others goodness and leaves their faults. Swamiji discussed how we sometimes equate a person to his one fault and we don’t see the complete picture. If a person doesn’t have anything good, then he won’t be born as a human. We should be critical of our own faults and try to forgive others for theirs. This requires discrimination, what to remember and what to forget about others. Swamiji advised that it is better not to repeat any person’s bad aspect of his personality in our minds because it affects our interaction and we won’t be able to give our best or receive the best. We should remember that every person is a stepping stone in our sadhana and our spiritual journey, for us to learn how to live, to forgive and mostly, how to love and accept all which leads us onto the path of devotion

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