Pointers for Blissful Living-Part 5 (1-6 May 2014)

The Chinmaya Mission of South Africa held a series of spiritual discourses from the 1st to the 6th May 2014 at its ashram which is on 159 Road 703 in Montford, Chatsworth. Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji, the dynamic spiritual head of the South Africa Mission has been unravelling the hidden gems of the Ramayan in his discourses which are from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. The talks were well attended drawing a crowd of more than a 100 people daily.

: Swami Abhedananda giving discourse during the Yagna


Pujya Swamiji has been discussing the Ramcharitmanas focussing on the 14 places that Lord Ram resides. This portion occurs in the Ayodhyakand in the dialogue between Shri Valmiki and Lord Ram. It was mentioned that the Lord will reside in the heart of the person who is lovable to all and does good to all.   Swamiji elaborated on the 4 factors that makes a person lovable and dear to all. The 1st reason that makes a person lovable is that he follows a life of righteousness(dharm).Swamiji highlighted that a life of dharm gives security, good future and also holds the community, family, grace and love. We just can’t help but love the one who is doing right things in his life. When we discover that someone is doing wrong like stealing or committing some crime, automatically , love for that person decreases.

The 2nd reason that makes a person lovable is his own nature. Swamiji mentioned that we live more with a person’s thoughts and ideas than actual physical proximity. If a person speaks lovingly, caring and is very accommodating, then it is difficult to not love that person. However if a person is always angry, irritated and shouts, he is immediately disliked and people tend to avoid him. The 3rd reason that makes a person lovable is how much a person has sacrificed. The heart automatically melts for the one who has gone through some pains to give something higher. The 4th reason that makes a person lovable is his sensitivity to other’s joys and sorrows.

Swamiji also discussed the four feet of dharm which are truth, austerity, charity and compassion (sat, tap, dhan and daya.)It was emphasized by Swamiji that our speech is an indication if we are living a right life. When love is in the heart, it expresses in the words of the tongue. Swamiji mentioned that a joyous heart has spontaneous love for all irrespective of colour or creed. It was re-iterated that our speech should be palatable to the other person and should not be mixed with anger, hatred or impulsion. We always have the choice to say something in a more graceful, appealing manner. Some questions to ask ourselves before talking are; even if something is true, is it worth saying? Is it the right time? What will be my state of mind and consequences after saying it? Is this authentic and do I have sufficient proof? Swamiji explained how whenever we talk, it is displaying our inner arrangement of thoughts and if our thoughts are not okay, then our speech definitely won’t be okay. In anger, there are irrelevant and irrational thoughts. The one who always speaks sweetly and is calm is lovable and dear to all.

With the high cost of living and increase of crime, everyone wants security, be it physical, emotional, financial security, etc. Swamiji described how the world can only give security up to a certain point. After that we just have to leave it to God. The One who can control the sun, moon and the whole world, He can most definitely control our lives! Swamiji emphasized that the Lord alone protects in life. Leave everything to Him. He alone gives the joy that we are seeking for. The choice is ours, to go and be with the Lord, He is waiting for us to call out and surrender unto Him.

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