One Day Talk at Shree Ram Narayan Mandir (11 March 2014)

The Shree Ram Narayan Mandir of Port Shepstone hosted Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji on the 11th March 2014. Devotees and visitors to the temple felt privileged to listen to Swamiji’s enlightening discourse. Swamiji discussed how in the scriptures (shashtras), 10 characteristic are mentioned.

Swamiji elaborated on the quality of patience(driti) which is the capacity to hold ourselves and our impulses for some time. Patience (driti) is the 1st step in anybody’s life. This is tested when many things don’t happen the way we want them to in the office, home or family life. By regular prayer, sadhana and satsangh, one gains the insight on which situations can’t be changed and how to respond to others in an amicable way. It was mentioned by Swamij that sometimes we find ourselves in a helpless situation but we are not helpless in what we can think.

Swamiji also discussed the quality of forgiveness(Kshama). It was highlighted by Swamiji that people are not perfect and bound to make mistakes. When we forgive others, our burning hearts transforms into a cool place where the Lord can reside. The power of love is greater than the power of revenge. Swamiji described the character of Lord Ram who loved all and accepted everybody despite their faults. Lord Ram never tried to change anybody the way we try to change somebody according to what we want them to be.

It was mentioned by Swamiji that this world constantly tests our patience and forgiveness. When we don’t forgive, accept and be patient with people, then small issues become too big unnecessarily in our minds. A free mind is a happy mind. A free mind can think of God and His qualities and meditate easily.

Swamiji advised that we all should introspect and lead a spiritual life to be happy. Swamiji emphasized that we should become moving temples and we must go out in the world to conquer hearts, to embrace, love, and accept all. The committee members of the temple thanked Swamiji for His powerful discourse and presented Him with a token of their heartfelt appreciation.

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