Mega Maha Shivaratri ( 27 February 2014)

The Chinmaya Mission of South Africa held its Mega Maha Shivarathri celebrations on the 27th February 2014 commencing at 6:30 pm. This was one of Durban’s largest events which saw more than 2000 people attending the festival therefore special permission was taken from the Durban municipality to cater for the road closure.

The festival of Maha Shivarathri ( grand night dedicated for the worship of Lord Shiva) was celebrated with great fervour and grandeur at the Lord Shiva’s temple(Chinmaya Shivam) on Thursday. Maha Shivarathri is an auspicious and important festival of Hindus worldwide, especially for the devotees of Lord Shiva who celebrate throughout the night with great enthusiasm.

The program commenced with beautiful bhajans by various artists such as Keeran Ishwarlall, Sanjith Thiluk and Veena Lutchman. The Indian Consulate General, Mr V. K. Sharma graced the function with his presence. There was also classical dance performances and live radio broadcast by Radio Hindvani. The audience was enthralled to listen to the enlightening and devotional discourses by the dynamic and vibrant Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji who is currently the spiritual head of Chinmaya South Africa. Swamiji highlighted the significance of Maha Shivarathri night and how we can make our lives an ongoing festival. Swamiji also cleared many doubts with his question and answer sessions.

The hordes of devotees anxiously queued up get darshan of Lord Shiva and offer their obeisances and prostrations at the Chinmaya Shivam Temple. Chinmaya Shivam which is located on the ashram premises at 159 Road 703 is a majestic temple that was completed in a record time of less than six months in 2012 and the masterpiece statue of Lord Shiva – with His radiating smile and compassionate looks has been made by the best sculptors in Jaipur(India). Festive lighting and fresh flower garlands decorated the temple and added to the spiritual ambience. The crowds expressed their heartfelt gratitude to be given the opportunity to be part of the 1008 kalash milk pots that were offered on the Shiva-Lingam, which was originally consecrated by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda. It was truly divine sight to see the elaborate poojas with more than 11 different pooja items being performed along with simultaneous chanting of Rudram and Chamakam. There was also continuous chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivaya” which reverberated throughout the temple purifying the atmosphere around. The temple was crowded till the early hours of the next morning as many experienced immense joy of chanting the Lord’s name.

Refreshment stalls with fruit were available for those that were fasting throughout the night and scrumptious dinner prasad was lovingly provided for all. Devotees rejoiced amid celebrations and shared the excitement, spreading the essence of Maha Shivarathri to all. Devotees that attended the Mega Maha Shivrathri thanked the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa for making this festival a truly wonderful memorable one as their hearts filled with faith, devotion, and love for Lord Shiva.

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