Mantras for Joyful Living – Part 5 (1-6 October 2013)

hoto :"Swami Abhedananda before the talk" and "Yagna Audience"

“Swami Abhedananda before the talk” and “Yagna Audience”

Life without having the clarity of scriptures is like sailing in a rudderless boat in an endless stormy ocean without a lighthouse to show the right direction. Without knowing the essence of the scriptures like the Ramayan and Bhagawad Geeta, our life is incomplete and purposeless.

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji of the Chinmaya Mission has been unravelling the hidden treasures of the scriptures which instil love for the Lord in our heart and also bring out the necessity of duty in our daily lives.The Chinmaya Mission conducted a series of talks based on the Ramayan from the 1st to the 6th Oct from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm which drew a crowd daily.

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji discussed the devotion of Shabari who implicitly followed the words of her Guru with intense faith and complete surrender. Swamiji emphasized that it is only in the human birth that a person has the tremendous capacity to love Lord and the higher. This capacity was beautifully illustrated by Shabari. It was explained that a person can get anything in this world that he desires provided he follows 4 steps. They are 1) taking a firm resolution, 2) following the rules 3) whatever is desired shouldn’t be against the laws of the God and 4) one shouldn’t do anything that dilutes or is opposite to the resolution.

Swamiji explained that in the emotion of love, one wants to give alot of joy to the beloved but in attachment, a person wants joy from someone. We all can give alot of joy to the world and people around by our nature, speech, sacrifice and actions. Swamiji described how the power of love is immense and tremendous and how we can get related to the Lord only by devotion. In devotion, the centre of our joy and security is Lord. A person who doesn’t have devotion won’t have joy and contentment. It was highlighted by Swamiji that the microcosm(jeev) is connected to macrocosm(Ishwar) by devotion. Unless this connection is made, fulfilment won’t be there and our life won’t be comfortable and trouble-free.

The theme of the talks by Swamiji was the 9 forms of devotion which Shabari had. Swamiji expounded on the different forms of devotion in great detail. The 1st form of devotion is association with the saints. The characteristic of a saint was described by Swamiji as one who has absence of selfish desire, anger and intense devotion for the Lord. The second form of devotion is revelling in the stories of the Lord which re-iterates the fact that Lord also loves us. Listening to the glories of the Lord instils faith in millions of hearts.

Swamiji described that the 3rd form of devotion is service (seva)at the lotus feet of the Guru. It was mentioned that everything big in this world is hidden by absence of instruction by someone higher. By performing seva one, can melt the Guru’s heart and invoke grace and blessings. The 4th form of devotion is singing the glories of the Lord and also revelling in the nature of the Lord. The 5th form of devotion is to take the Lord’s name with absolute unwavering faith.

One of the most interesting topics expounded by Pujya Swamiji was that of mantra chanting. Swamiji explained how there is a displacement in the air and a sound wave is born when anything is made in this world. This sound wave becomes one with the object. There are two names of every object, one is a name made by humans and the other is the nature made name. The nature name of object is one with the object. Similarly, the name of the Lord is one with the Lord and has the power of the whole world and also what is beyond the world. Therefore, by chanting the Lord’s mantra, one can do anything, take anything and dissolve anything, there’s absolutely nothing that it can’t give us. Swamiji discussed that one who doesn’t chant Lord’s name won’t have inner support and strength. There are five factors which need to be included in mantra chanting. They are 1) include meditation, see His form. 2) Call God with anxiety, intensity and faith 3) have the pain of not seeing the Lord & 4) have surerity that God will come. Swamiji mentioned that if a person can master this sadhana then anyone can bring the Lord at will and have His vision. Many are looking forward to the continuation of this beautiful topic of devotion which will take place from the 6th to the 11th of November. Please contact the ashram office on 031 401 7915 or 0763377604 for more details.

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