Mantras for Divine Relaxation (25-28 October 2010)

Mantras for Divine Relaxation

The Reservoir Hills Hindu Seva Samaj hosted Swami Abhedananda of Chinmaya Mission for a four day discourse based on the Shri Ramcharitmanas. The Hindu Seva Samaj is located approximately 20 minutes from the Chinmaya Mission in Chatsworth. The talks were held from the 25 October 2010 to 28 October 2010 from 6:30 pm to 8:00pm and the topic was “Mantras for Divine Relaxation”.

Swamiji elaborated on the depth of character of Lord Ram. Lord Ram was the epitome of calmness and relaxation. Even when he was asked to leave the kingdom and go to the forest in hermit’s clothes, His smile never waivered from his face. He never got angry and his heart was overflowing with love for everyone around him. Unless we take a dip in Ramji’s character, we won’t know how to live the life. Lord Ram demonstrated the fruit of living a righteous life is happiness and fulfilment.

Everybody wants relaxation. Relaxation of body and mind is different and it is much easier to relax the body than the mind. Many people assume that when a person has a conducive outer situation ie when family life, office work and health is good, that he is relaxed. However, this is not always the case. A person can be amidst the most difficult and uncomfortable outer situation yet he can be completely relaxed and a person can be very tensed and irritable or angry in a good situation.

We spend more emphasis on trying to change our situation instead of how to see it. Our thoughts give us relaxation. Thoughts of love and devotion for the Lord, gives coolness and relaxation. In the most critical and life-challenging circumstances, the thought of faith forms a great cushion and the person is completely relaxed. The person is 100% available to give the best of his ability when required. He is able to perform the demands of his roles and responsibilities and excels brilliantly in all aspects. He becomes powerful and feels very strong. He develops a closer bond with the Lord.

Devotees had the opportunity to offer their Guru Dakshina to Swamiji on the last day of the talk. The program concluded with Samasti Bhiksha. Devotees that had come from far and wide to listen to Swamij’s discourse left the hall full of gratitude and appreciation for His inspiring words. They felt much more relaxed and happy than they had been four days earlier.

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