Golden Values for Inspired Living (5-7 March 2010)

There was a buzz of excitement at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Business College as the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa commenced with it’s 3-day talk entitled “Golden Values for Inspired Living” The success of the event could be attributed to months of meticulous planning. The talks were held from 6:30 to 8:00pm on the 5th, 6th & 7th of March.

The portion discussed by Pujya Swami Abhedananda was the Vibhishana Gita taken from the Ramcharitmanas. The scenario presented to the devotees was that of the battlefield. On the one hand, Lord Ram, who is an ocean of mercy stood barefoot with only a bow and arrow to protect himself while Ravana had his own chariot, was heavily clad in armour, and had all sophisticated weapons. Vibhishana was deeply concerned & inquired from Lord Ram as to how he was going to conquer Ravana.

Lord Ram lovingly replied” Jehim Jaya hoi so syamdana ana” – “ that chariot which one gains real victory is totally different” Swamiji elaborated on the symbolism of the different parts of the chariot. The two wheels of the chariot are compared to patience & courage. Without these two qualities, there won’t be progression in one’s life. Courage is the ability to see big and think big even when the person has nothing. Patience is the ability to remain unperturbed and to tolerate even when unconducive situations arise. An impatient and intolerant person worries, blames, shouts, screams and reacts to everyone around him. He becomes bitter and creates distance from his loved ones. Without patience & courage, there can be no progression in life.

The sign and flag represent truth and honesty. Relational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and sensual honestly were discussed. When there is honesty in relations, then it is rewarding and fulfilling. Swamiji also mentioned the “sheel”( good character) of a person- how a person should talk, laugh, dress and carry himself in a manner that is not disturbing or hurtful to the person with whom he is interacting.

The four horses were compared to strength(bal), vivek(discrimination), self-control and caring for others. A person should have developed such a strength of character so that he is non-purchasable amongst temptations and a powerhouse of faith. When a person has developed discrimination not to commit any action that goes against Guru & scriptures, and is self- controlled, he has the abundance of energy to focus single-pointedly in any subject and excel to great heights.

The reins give speed and direction to the horse. The reins were compared to forgiveness, compassion & equanimity of the mind. One should not hold any grudges against the person who has wronged him. His heart should melt help other’s around him. In life, we should give more & more & take less & less. We should not go up & down with the trough & crests of different situations that come to us. If a person has this type of chariot mentioned by Lord Ram, then he will definetly be victorious in his life. Devotees dispersed from the venue hopeful that the next yagna would be longer one.

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