Faith Power (1-6 May 2013)

The Chinmaya Mission of South Africa organized a series of spiritual discourses on the topic “Faith Power” which took place from the 1st to 6th May 2013 at the beautiful ashram in Chatsworth. This was the concluding portion of the Shiv-Parvati Vivah based on the Ramcharitmanas.

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji elaborated that the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvatiji symbolizes marriage of shraddha with viswas. This marriage has to happen in our own hearts otherwise a person feels incomplete. Swamiji discussed how a jeev essentially doesn’t have a lot of physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual power. The jeev‘s biggest requirement in life is the powerful Ishwar in the same way that a helpless child needs his mother. All of us have extremely high potential but we can’t bring out our best because we don’t have a big altar where we can approach and surrender all our negativities.

The nature of Lord Shiva was described most beautifully by Swamiji. Some of qualities mentioned was that Lord Shiva is extremely compassionate and benevolent as He accepts us knowing all our faults. He is the personification of infinite dispassion, devotion and knowledge. It was re-iterated that we should develop the conviction that only Lord can give us joy, security and love forever and that no object, person, situation can ever give us the fulfilment and happiness that we desperately crave for. The progress of an aspiring seeker is the increase of disbelief in the world and belief in God alone.The principles of marriage have been picturized in the Ramayan and the tradition of marriage was set by the Lord Himself. The social, emotional, spiritual and purpose behind marriage was elaborated upon. Marriage is an institution where one enters so that he can exhaust his vasanas, purify himself, serve all those around him and mature so that he can become qualified to receive the higher.

Marriage with the Lord is surrendering our mamta (my-ness) and ahamta (I-ness). Swamiji mentioned that the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati is not like an ordinary man and woman. A person marries because he feels incomplete and needs some kind of support. The purpose of jeev taking birth is because of his vasanas and fruit of action but the Ishwar takes avatar for many reasons. Some of them that were mentioned were 1) to show the seeker’s journey and what faith and surrender is needed 2) to show the nature of Lord Shiva, His compassion, dispassion, knowledge, auspiciousness, guru-roop, (His ability not to leave a less qualified person) and 3) intelligence alone is very dangerous eg. Daksh. Intelligence should always be under the canopy of faith.

A short video presentation depicting the marriage of Lord Shiva was shown after a classical dance performance by Varsha Sharma. Devotees were extremely delighted and joined in the marriage celebrations with dance, gift bags and all grand splendour. Festivity filled the air as more than 200 devotees were showered with fresh rose petals and sweets. May we also transform our life like Parvatiji so that Lord may become happy with us. Let us melt the heart of Lord by following a dharmic life and doing a lot of upasana! When Lord is happy with us, a person gains right understanding and anything he touches will be a rocketing success. May we strive to have grace like Parvatiji, Guru like Shivji and quietness like Mount Kailash!

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