Devotion in Commotion (12-16 December 2011)

Report on Devotion in Commotion

The Chinmaya Mission of South Africa commenced with it’s 5-day talks entitled “Devotion in Commotion” based on Shrimad Bhagawat Canto 8 at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Business College. The talks were held from 6:30 to 8:00pm from the 12th to 16th December 2011.

The portions discussed by Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji were the Manvantaras, Gajendra Moksh, Devtas and Asura Sangraha and Bali Dhan. In this modern day and age, corruption, crime & violence dominate the newspapers & an average person becomes demotivated, depressed socially & emotionally drained. He finds himself unable to make a meaningful contribution to society because there is so much of commotion around him and he gets caught up. The only way for a person to live amongst life’s challenges and contradictions and to still remain equaminous, peaceful and full of joy is to have devotion for the Lord. This is when go to our centre and travel from living to life.

As Pujya Swamiji described the Manvantaras and the tenure of Brahmaji, many devotees realized that their problems are nothing in front of the huge cosmos that God is ruling. Pujya Swamiji beautifully brought out all the hidden messages embedded in Gajendra Moksh. The mighty and powerful king of elephants was rendered helpless when he was caught by the crocodile. It was only when he ultimately surrendered himself completely and prayed with intensity that the Lord came to his rescue. Many people cannot leave their insistencies on many issues, situations and people and their lives become “heavy”. Only when we surrender ourselves to the Lord, and depend on Him only, can our ahankar be broken and then He showers His grace on us.

Everybody that lives in the world has committed some mistakes. Taking birth itself is a mistake! The difference between the Devtas and Asuras is that the Devtas realize their mistakes and they took refuge in Lord. This was the case of Lord Indra. Everyone has divine and devilish qualities and its an internal struggle for most people. The joy born out of devilish qualities is short-lived and only brings us sorrow and misery. The joy born out of divine qualities is long lasting and gives strength to accept challenges of life with a smile. The person with divine qualities will progress in his career, personal & emotional life in such gigantic steps that he will be able to soar to great heights in a short space of time. He has integrity, chastity and sensitivity. The Devta-Asura Sangrah also shows us that we should not go up & down with the trough & crests of different situations that come to us The churning of the ocean provided an example of how we should churn our own thoughts take the poisons of life calmly like Lord Shiva.

Pujya Swamiji also elaborated about Bhagawan Vaman Avatar. Bali had the abhiman of giving. He was oblivious of the higher and over-conscious of his ahankar therefore Lord came to crush his ego. Bali surrendered to Bhagawan Vaman and gave himself to Lord. Lord had taken everything from Bali but still Bali had so much love and devotion for Lord that he earned a place in Sutala. Bali had no reaction, demands or complaints against Lord. This shows us that when everything is taken away from us, we can be happy when we have devotion in commotion. When a person discovers joy of devotion, his life is a celebration. Life is successful when we offer everything to the Lord.

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