Confusion to Conclusion (1-6 April 2013)

There was an auspicious start to the month of April as the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa commenced with the gyan yagya entitled “Confusion to Conclusion”. The talks were based on the Shiv-Parvati Vivah from the Ramcharitmanas and took place from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm concluding with dinner prasad daily.

Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji, the head of Chinmaya Mission, South Africa discussed the transformation from Satiji to Parvatiji. This symbolizes confusion to commitment.
Swamiji explained how one can only be committed to the higher which gives us joy, peace and security. The bigger is the altar of commitment, more is the strength and inspiration. Commitment to something lower brings sadness and therefore a person doesn’t improve because he doesn’t have the pain of having that particular negativity. It was also mentioned that excellent & great things are hidden by two things in this world. They are 1) by not believing it is there and 2) by not going through severe austerities to gain it. Without performing austerities, a person doesn’t excel in  performing his duty which results in him losing his value in the community.

It was illustrated how the human mind has tremendous potential, unbelievable strength, purity, fearlessness and hidden capacities. Swamiji described how we dissipate our energies by our uncontrolled sense organs. Our strength is dependant on  whom we do all our actions for. When a person does his actions to please the Lord, he gains unbelievable strength. Also, if one has a consistent and pure thought, then it becomes the Lord’s thought. The 3 things that are tested in life is 1) how right is our conviction; 2) how big is our faith and 3) how much we are on the path of righteousness. A person is non-vulnerable when he passes these three tests.

Pujya Swamiji went into great detail describing the importance of a Guru who should be there to guide us every step of the way. A  true Guru is full of knowledge, has devotion & realization of God, has excellent character and love for his disciples. The Guru knows the mind of a seeker, the sadhana that is best and what the goal should be. By having a live Guru, one gains clarity in the purpose of life. It was re-iterated how Parvatiji was a manifestation of desireless and surrendered faith. She did not waiver in her sadhana even when she was tested by the seven Rishis. The symbolism and compassionate nature of Lord Siva was also elaborated upon.This portion of the Ramayan depicted the path of devotion and sadhana. This example of Parvati’s  tapasya demonstrated to the world that by following the words of the teacher, having pure faith and performing intense austerities, God can and will come to our doorstep.

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