Chinmaya Mission SA Golf Day (13 March 2010)

Chinmaya Mission S.A Golf Day: March 2010
On the 13th March 2010 the Chinmaya Mission of South Africa hosted its inaugural annual Golf Day at the Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course in Reservoir Hills Durban. The day began with the registration of all those who wished to officially participate in this event. It was a well planned and fun filled family day which attracted 140 registered participants (Golf Players).

The game’s official Tee Off time was from 10:00-13:00 and there were 18 holes to be completed. At the main station where the course both began and ended the golf players were treated to an assortment of eats and refreshments. At selected holes, the Chinmaya Mission S.A. placed refreshment carts containing eats and chilled refreshments catering for the fatigued golf players on this hot and sunny day. The golf players were instantly energized and excited at the sight of these carts and expressed their joy in the partaking of refreshments on their way to the end of the lengthy course. Once the final players had completed the course a sumptuous supper was served to the participants that evening.

There were prizes handed out to those who achieved 1st -20th positions respectively at a post match presentation.

Special mention must go out to those volunteers who stayed at the Golf Course right through to the end of the event; an event that eventually ended at 20:30. These volunteers sacrificed their entire day in aid of ensuring that the event unfolded smoothly.

However the highlight of the day was without a doubt our Pujya Swamiji’s gracious and divine presence on the golf course. Swamiji’s presence revitalized the tiring volunteers and gave them the energy to happily stay till the conclusion of this inaugural function. Consequently, this ensured that Chinmaya Mission S.A.’s inaugural golf day was a success.

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