Be the Master Manager (27th March 2010)

The Seminar was entitled “BE THE MASTER MANAGER” and was held at the Makaranga Lodge in Kloof on the 27th March 2010.

swami_abhedananda Seminar

Months of preparation and guidance from Pujya Swami Abhedananda culminated into a dynamic, inspiring and paradigm-altering seminar. A capacity audience of eighty delegates representing various sectors and professions were in attendance. Delegates were firstly addressed by Swami Abhedananda on how being a master manager requires managing several aspects of life in addition to just our responsibilities at work. Being an expert in personality and mind development, Swamiji enthralled the audience by dissecting the different aspects of life requiring management. These included managing emotions, time, friendships, faith and relationships. It was highlighted that success at the work place was governed by ones ability to master the mind and balance all these areas of life needing management. In particular it was entrenched that serving one’s parents and having faith in the Lord offers great fulfillment capable of surmounting all the stresses and challenges of life.

Thereafter an interactive power packed workshop involving group work was conducted. Groups were presented scenarios which tested their ability to respond to the various pressures of life and were asked to develop feasible approaches to these scenarios. The session concluded with a thought provoking question and answer session during which Swamiji removed doubts and cleared uncertainties from the audience on several personal and business related challenges

The session was found to be value adding to several attendees as it heralded the engagement of 2 aspects of living: our spiritual lives and our professional lives. Those in attendance were left with an understanding that being a master manager involves managing various aspects of our personality, relationships and office lives. In addition, the session magnified the importance of improving the way we respond to the urges within and the often turbulent environments which we encounter. Delegates left feeling that their spiritual and professional lives were galvanized by an increased faith in the Lord.

The Mission was proud to have hosted such a seminar. It was also encouraging to see the community respond positively in attendance and feedback to such an event. With the blessings of the Lord and the guidance of Pujya Swami Abhedananda, the mission aims to host similar events in the near future.

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