Evening Ramayana Class (Every Monday)

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Talks on Bhagavad Geeta

From January 2007, Swamiji started conducting regular evening Geeta classes wherein he took a beautiful sankalp to cover the full Bhagavad Geeta from Chapter 1 to 18.

In these classes, Swamiji expounds dynamically on Geeta every Wednesday to Saturday in the evenings 6.30 to 8 pm. Bhagawad Geeta Chapter 1 to Chapter 17  have been successfully completed much to the fulfillment of the attendees who have been continuously increasing in number. Presently Swamiji is conducting evening classes on Geeta Chapter 18.

Talks on Ramayana

A large number of devotees attend the weekly satsangs on ‘Ramcharitmanas’ on Mondays. These sessions have become quite popular and people enjoy the melodious recitation of the verses along with Swamiji, followed by the beautiful explanation of each verse which is covered in extensive detail. With the beautiful exposition of Ram Katha from Ayodhya Kand, the audience effortlessly revel in the sweet glories of the Lord!