3 P’S For Being A Master Manager (5 May 2012)

On 5th May Chinmaya Mission of South Africa held its 2nd business seminar at Assagay hotel entitled 3 P’S For Being the Master Manager Potential, Performance, Perfection. Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji, the head of Chinmaya Mission of South Africa has been addressing the corporate sector and educational institutions in many countries like Singapore and India. Pujya Swamiji captivated the widely attended audience with his vast knowledge and great sense of wit & humour.

The R- reaction, D- demand and C-complaint formula was discussed in the first session. When these 3 are reduced in our lives, a person will be able to perform better in every facet of his life. In every person’s life, there are challenges and uncertainty and the way we respond to unexpected and unconducive situations affects our performance. Reaction is becoming over- sensitive, over- responsible and over- careful. A person is known by his credibility, honesty, character and deep understanding. Strength is required to manage our mind and emotions. Demand is when we expect alot because of attachment and various desires. Overcoming our reaction, demand and complain will pave the way to perfection. Perfection is the end product. Pujya Swami Abhedananda emphasized that we must not let our future performance be affected by our past failures. The mentally inspiring talk by Pujya Swami Abhedananda helped us to realize that we all have within ourselves the resources, capabilities, energy and power for building up a successful life. Success in our lives depends on the transformation we can successfully bring about in our personality and character. These come when we have a cool, calm and controlled mind. Then potential takes to performance which leads to perfection.

The second session was an interactive workshop which incorporated skills application and personal action planning. Delegates were divided into groups and given a case study. This was followed by a small skiet performed by the youth of the Chinmaya Mission. The play was mimed and related to an individual’s behaviour at his home which affected his performance at his workplace. Despite the challenges, he found his centre of peace when he had faith and turned to God.He gained strength and was able to rise above this situation.

Snacks and refreshments were provided for all delegates. Many people enjoyed the question and answer session. Pujya Swami Abhedananda through his unique ability touched deeply through each question and left no questions unanswered. The seminar concluded with the valedictory function at 8:00pm. All delegates partook of the scrumptious meals provided.

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