A Night With Lord Shiva Himself


18 Feb 2023 | 6PM - 6AM SAST
9:30PM - 9:30AM IST

LIVE from Chinmaya Mission South Africa


The cosmos manifests from the union of two entities – the infinite power of creation, and the infinite possessor of this infinite power of creation. Mahashivratri celebrates this very cosmic, creative, and celestial union that is the source of life and awakening for all! This is the night on which Bhagavan Shiva, the destroyer of all negativity, and Mother Parvati, the womb of all positivity, were married to one another. They are your essential parent, nourishing you across all lifetimes, guiding you on your journey towards spiritual evolution. Join Us at Chinmaya Mission South Africa this Mahashivratri, to invoke Shakti within and become Shiva in oneself!

When all your actions become a service to the universe, then your life becomes Mahashivratri!
You now walk the earth not as Jeeva - a soul, but as Shiva - the soulful!

Offer Biksha

On this divine night of Lord Shiva – the embodiment of auspiciousness, take the opportunity to offer annadānam to devotees who throng to our Ashram to witness the divine spectacle of Mahashivratri celebrations!

Adorn Shiva

Like every Mahashivratri, this year too Lord Shiva and the entire Chinmaya Shivam temple will be decked up in flowers, bilva leaves, diyas, and more! This is your opportunity to earn the grace of Lord Shiva!


Mahashivratri at Chinmaya Mission South Africa is a confluence of divine will and devoted effort, manifesting in many aspects of the event such as global livestreaming, logistics, security, conveyance and more. You can donate towards these efforts!