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About the Project

The Chinmaya Annapoorna project is a divine vision of Pujya Swami Abhedananda (Spiritual Head of Chinmaya Mission of South Africa) that aims to feed over 2000 underprivileged people daily. Physically located at the Rajput Hall, 9 Trisula Avenue, Chatsworth, this magnanimous endeavour entails the construction of a sacred Annapoorna Devi temple and an industrial kitchen capable of serving the most downtrodden members of the society daily.

Communities in and around the Chatsworth area are plagued by the pangs of poverty and the challenges of poor socio-economic conditions. Many go through days without a single meal including children studying at school. The underprivileged are constantly trying to survive poor living conditions, hunger and limited access to medical assistance. They are in constant need of love and support of those who are more fortunate. This project will aim to address this very need by identifying those in need of the nutritional support, preparing and delivering the meals to them.

Detail designs and plan approvals have been completed to date. The construction of the project will commence in April 2023 with a vision to inaugurate the feeding in 2024. Significant funds are needed for a project of this scale and you can become a pillar of support toward achieving this. Every rand, every dollar, every hour of seva spent and every good wish for the success of this grand vision will mean many will go bed with at least one meal in a day.

You can start today by registering yourself as a Goodwill Ambassador.

A Goodwill Ambassador is a sevak/volunteer/kind-hearted person who will engage in this massive Chinmaya Annapoorna Crowdfunding project. Each Goodwill Ambassador will have his/her own personalized page where his family, friends and other contacts can lovingly donate for this noble cause.

Upon registering as Goodwill Ambassador:
1) You will be trained and enabled on how to go about with the Crowdfunding activity before the campaign begins.
2) You will have your own personalized web-page on our Crowdfunding website which will be visible to potential donors
3) The campaign will be launched on Ram Navami 30th March and concludes on 8th May 2023.
4) Your dedicated effort for the campaign will only take 20 to 30 minutes daily
5) Everything is done online. Your most powerful tool to succeed will be YOU!

If you have any issues with registering, please email cmsa.seva@gmail.com with your details.

Remember Bhagavat Gita Chapter 2 verse 47 and follow the below steps:
1) As a first & foremost step, list down a minimum of 100 friends and family members you will reach out to
2) Make personal Calls and send Whatsapp messages to them (Message script will be shared with you). Make 10-12 calls every day
3) Do not be attached to the fruits of action: God has willed it and it will happen. Have faith in Lord (Prasad Buddhi) and seek blessings of Bhagwan before each call or sending message.
4) Your purpose is very noble, so don’t hold yourself back from taking the first step… Surrender and act! – Have no fear when HE is near!

For further details contact Pavan Maharaj @ +27 072 298 4828 or Chimaya Mission Durban Office @ +27 031 401 7915.