Lord Shiva represents the Supreme Truth. Mother Parvati represents pure and unflinching devotion. The confluence of Devotion and Truth is the celebration of Mahashivaratri. It also denotes the divine unison of the ‘part’ with the ‘whole’, the microcosm with the macrocosm, the Jiva with the Ishwara. As such, Mahashivaratri is the most auspicious day to remember Lord Shiva and feel His grace in our life.

In Sanskrit, the word “Shiva” has the root word ‘shi’, which means auspiciousness. Swami Abhedananda says, “Lord Shiva is the embodiment of Auspiciousness, which expresses as – True Knowledge, Faith and Dharma. Such a compassionate Lord should not remain remote and distant from us. Rather He should express as satsang in our ears, as right vision in our intellect, and chaste emotions in our mind.

The festival of Shivaratri gives us an opportunity to bring this confluence of true notions, pure emotions and selfless actions in our life.”


Milk Pot Offering

”Milk”, signifies purity, when offered to Lord Shiva washes our sins away. It is believed that doing Abhishek of Lord Shiva with milk, cleanses us and relieves us from difficulties and sorrows.

Rudrabishek Puja

Rudrabishek is hailed by all ancient Hindu scriptures as one of the most effective and potent puja to remove all evils, to attain all good desires, health and well being.