Feeding is considered to be one of the greatest merits in all cultures, especially in Hindu culture! Anna-daan (food given in charity) is called Maha-daan (greatest of all charities). “Nourish to Flourish” is an extremely magnanimous and noble project, envisioned by Swami Abhedananda, with a unique dream to make Chinmaya Mission South Africa into the “Annapoorna” (Divine Mother who feeds all) of South Africa in coming years!

Due to the glaring economic disparity in society, South Africa has countless families below poverty line, many of who cannot afford even two square meals a day! While some of us continue to enjoy comfortable and even luxurious lives, rolling in the cosiness of our homes, and maybe even wasting food as a sign of our opulence; there are innumerable people who do not know whether they would get a meal the following day or not.

The aim of Chinmaya Mission South Africa is to nourish and nurture all sections of the society: from food for the belly, love for the heart, and knowledge for the intellect!

Feeding Scheme-20

Project Details

A step towards making the Nourish to Flourish dream a reality

Dining Hall

Large Dining plus multi-purpose Serving Hall, with seating capacity for approx. 400 people.


Industrial grade, equipped with best grade cooking utensils & equipment for best results.

Car Park

Guarded car-park facilities to enable volunteers to park their vehicles securely.

Healthy meal

Wholesome, Sattvik, Tasty meals cooked by Professional Chefs with Love
*Artist impression, for illustrative purposes only
*Artist impression, for illustrative purposes only
*Artist impression, for illustrative purposes only
*Artist impression, for illustrative purposes only

Ongoing activities

Ram: Our inspiration

Shri Ram is the epitome of Maryaada or ‘Right Conduct’. One of the most beautiful aspects of Lord Ram’s qualities was His immense care and compassion towards the poor and downtrodden of his society.In spite of being a King, he hugs the ordinary boatman Kevat and eats berries from the tribal woman Shabri, He gave refuge to the monkey Sugreev and gave a respectful cremation even to the vulture Jatayu! Lord Ram therefore, is truly the perfect Human being!


Inspired by the glorious life of Lord Ram, Swami Abhedananda has transformed the lives of countless people through his unconditional love, affection & guidance! Over the past 15 years, Swamiji has served as a beacon of light, bringing glory to his Guru Swami Chinmayananda’s vision of “giving maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time”. Especially in a country like South Africa where the rich Indian culture, traditions, scriptures and heritage is dwindling, Pujya Swamiji has been a spiritual lighthouse to those yearning for this emotional nourishment since generations!

How can I contribute?

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving!"
- Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Abhedananda says “Unless we nourish others, we shall not flourish!”. Unless we start asking ourselves about how can we nourish others, God will never think about how to make us flourish.

Chinmaya Mission South Africa would be grateful to you, for coming forward and taking the first step towards nourishing countless others. In return, the prayers and blessings of these beloved children of God will engulf our lives with endless happiness and fulfilment!