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Shri Ram Navami 2021

Keep Calm, Invoke Ram

The very word ‘Ram’ (राम) purifies the mind and fills the heart with infinite glories of the Lord. Bhagwan Ram took avatar out of His immense compassion for His devotees to show us how to live the life as per our dharma. Ram is the very manifestation of dharma.

The compassionate Lord, on the occasion of Ram Navami comes to tell all of us that “You are not alone. I have come for you, to love you, to protect you, to take-care-of you.”

Goswami Tulisdasji says that Rama Naam is like a celestial tree (wish fulfilling tree). Anybody who takes Lord’s name, this tree fulfills all their desires.

On the auspicious occassion of Rama Navami, let us Invoke Him and  pray for the Global Well-being.